Terms & Conditions



  1. SE Club Nights Ltd hereby appoints and authorises Eventbrite to act as an online agent for the sale of tickets to all ticketed events.
  2. SE Club Nights Ltd shall charge the customer the face value of the ticket, all fees will be absorbed from the face value and not charged back to the consumer.
  3. The booking fee and handling fee will be paid by the customer and be retained by Eventbrite.
  4. SE Club Nights Ltd is solely responsible for the accounting and payment of any VAT or other taxes due on the face value of the tickets.
  5. e-tickets only are to be issued to the customer by Eventbrite on behalf of SE Club Nights Ltd, we are unable to issue physical tickets.
  6. The final purchase of tickets for an event is 5 minutes before the event commences, after which SE Club Nights Ltd will distribute eTickets for the event, or tickets will go off sale entirely.
  7. SE Club Nights Ltd reserve the right to place advertising on eTickets and/or inserts into mailing envelopes. Any revenue generated in respect of such advertising shall belong to SE Club Nights Ltd.
  8. Eventbrite will inform SE Club Nights Ltd of all ticket sales in the form of a report which may be requested at any time and will always be issued when ticket sales close.
  9. SE Club Nights Ltd will not offer any refunds unless: a) an event is cancelled or postponed after written approval from SE Club Nights Ltd, or b) a sale has resulted due to a technical error acknowledged by SE Club Nights Ltd
  10. If an event is cancelled prior to the event date for any reason, the event will be reorganised for the same venue or nearest local suitable alternative and tickets will be transferred to that new event.
  11. In the situation where a customer is refused entry to an event at the decision of SE Club Nights Ltd, SE Club Nights Ltd shall at it’s own discretion (and always subject to any statutory requirements) issue a refund to the customer directly. For the avoidance of doubt, SE Club Nights Ltd shall not be responsible or liable for issuing refunds for non-admittance.
  12. SE Club Nights Ltd will not be held responsible for any tickets, which are expressed as lost, stolen or misplaced.
  13. SE Club Nights Ltd may include SE Club Nights Ltd logos and web address on all advertising or other promotional material SE Club Nights Ltd creates. Should SE Club Nights Ltd utilize an Internet site which contains information about an event SE Club Nights Ltd has an allocation for, SE Club Nights Ltd shall display the SE Club Nights Ltd logo and maintain a hyperlink from this site to an appropriate page on the SE Club Nights Ltd site.
  14. SE Club Nights Ltd shall not permit or encourage fly-posting or illegal marketing of the event.
  15. SE Club Nights Ltd is solely responsible for checking that the SE Club Nights Ltd ticketing system contains the correct data.
  16. SE Club Nights Ltd are not responsible for the promotion of the event within the venue. This is the responsibility of the venue’s manager and always at their discretion.